Mudflats Bar and Grill Carryout Available, Open Monday through Saturday

Mudflats Story

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The Mudflats Story

Each Spring and fall, the Central Flyway of the U.S. and Canada is crammed with hundreds of thousands of shorebirds making their way to and from their arctic nesting grounds.

During this time, feeding areas such as Mudflats resemble malls during the holidays– birds scurry from site to site lunging for prey, squawking at intruders, and scrambling for nesting sites.

Residents and visitors to the Hoover Nature Preserve, located a very short 5 minute walk from where you sit today, enjoy a 1,500 foot boardwalk that allows for extensive views of the Mudflats where you can search for dozens of shorebird species, enjoy the peaceful water or cast a line.

Remember to keep an eye to the sky, if all the birds take off in a hurry, look up quickly– there is probably a Bald Eagle or Peregrine Falcon overhead.

Just like the gathering place that is the Mudflats area in the Hoover Nature Preserve the Mudflats Bar and Grill is the gathering place in the lively, quaint and growing community that is Galena, Ohio.

It is our mission to provide all of our guests the opportunity to dine in a warm and friendly environment while enjoying excellent food and exemplary service. And if you happen to make a new friend or reacquaint with an old one... what could be better than that?!

We hope you enjoy your experience at the Mudflats and the next time you 'fly' through Galena you will consider us your nesting ground.